Installing a Roll-Up Garage Door

by admin

For those that enjoy challenging DIY projects, installing your own garage door is the perfect activity. Of course, when it comes to Seattle garage door installation, you may find it easier to hire someone to do it- but if not, the following tips will teach you the basics of how to install any garage door. Still, you’ll also need to supplement with the instructions that come with your garage door installation kit since they all vary just a little bit. By installing the garage door on your own, you’ll be saving money- but you must keep in mind that this project can be dangerous and does require some pretty heavy lifting.

Start by attaching some weatherstripping to the bottom of the first panel. Then, place the panel in the doorway with the right side facing out. Take the hinges provided in your garage door kit and attach them to the top edge of the very first panel.

Next, using the instructions offered by the garage door manufacturer, piece together the tracks for your garage door. You will notice that this includes curved, horizontal, and even vertical pieces. Using a hammer or screwdriver, attach the rollers or brackets to the garage door panel.

Now, take some time to align the vertical track on one side with the rollers on the garage door- then, repeat this process with the other side.

Now that you have the first panel attached to the tracks on both sides, you’ll connect the second panel to the first by fastening the hinges between each door. A power drill will get this process done quickly. Finally, attach the third panel the same way you did the second one.

Install a track hanger that is the correct length for supporting the horizontal piece of the track and screw it into place above or beside the horizontal track. Now, place the track into the hanger and repeat this process for the second piece.